Coupling - trimming machine
Trimming machine with shaped knives
Stitch flattening machine
Automatic loader
Drying carriage
Working line
Holes dyeing machine
Edge dyeing machine
Drying hot air system
Punching machine
Printing and punching machine
Moveable trolley punching machine
Stapling machine
Pneumatic stapling machine
Glueing machine
Glueing machine
Sewing machine
Eyeletting machine
Plating machine
Edger machine
Belt collecting machine
Trimming machine
Lining machine
Folding machine
Eyeletting machine
Skiving machine
Splitting machine
Polishing machine
Printing machine
Cardboard guillottine shear
Cutting tapes machine
Slitting machine
Spiral cutting machine
Strapcutting machine
Printing machine
Edge dyeing machine
Edge dyeing machine

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Polishing machine

Varazze M 12
Polishing machine with vortex anspiration and two different speed of work

Varazze C2
Polishing machine for edges with two different speed of work and anspiration

Valencia 2 Ap
Milling-polishing machine with two stations of work for edges of belts or straps, adjustable speed of feeding and speed of polishing wheels

Valencia 4 Ap
Milling-polishing machine with four stations of work for edges of belts. Sperr variator for feeding and for polishing wheels