Coupling - trimming machine
Trimming machine with shaped knives
Stitch flattening machine
Automatic loader
Drying carriage
Working line
Holes dyeing machine
Edge dyeing machine
Drying hot air system
Punching machine
Printing and punching machine
Moveable trolley punching machine
Stapling machine
Pneumatic stapling machine
Glueing machine
Glueing machine
Sewing machine
Eyeletting machine
Plating machine
Edger machine
Belt collecting machine
Trimming machine
Lining machine
Folding machine
Eyeletting machine
Skiving machine
Splitting machine
Polishing machine
Printing machine
Cardboard guillottine shear
Cutting tapes machine
Slitting machine
Spiral cutting machine
Strapcutting machine
Printing machine
Edge dyeing machine
Edge dyeing machine

Accessories Cavour 34 - 27029 Vigevano (Pv) - ITALY
tel. +39-348-3205571

Accessories from 1 to 15 in 83 find accessories.
(15 visualized accessories).

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Sharpening stone
Stone to sharp blades

Nicholson triangle
To sharp blades

Plier to open clasps
Plier to open the clasps to insert leather

Massive revolving punch plier
Heavy type, ith 6 changeable punches

Massive 5 punch pliers
Heavy type with 5 changeable punches on handle

Plier to close clasps
Pliers to close clasps on leather

Nickel plated bending hammer
With small head

Bending Vigevano hammer
With two round heads, to fold leather before stitching

Bending hammer with two heads
With two round heads, heavy type, to fold leather and fix it

Planing tool
To cut out lady heels

Extra red shoemaker\'s hammer
High quality hammer

Tenaglia manico plastica cm 25
Tenaglia pił lunga, manico in plastica per un'impugnatura pił confortevole

Tailor shears
Tailor type

Tenaglia calzolaio cm 18
Tenaglia comune

Saw-tooth scissors
To cut samples

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